10 Must Have Summer Camping Gear in Australia

The best thing about camping in Australia it offers the most stunning beaches and beautiful landscapes, you could even go hiking challenging trails, making your camping trip exciting and memorable. If this is your first camping trip or a seasonal camper you  would need to plan whether you are going for a weekend away or a two a week break, Having the right camping gear can make you experience with the outdoors more enjoyable and fun.

Camping can be enjoyed through all seasons, but most people choose the summer months, Summertime in Australia are in the months of December, January, and February. Australia has a lot to offer when it comes to the great outdoors with beautiful coastlines thriving wildlife, lush rain forests and star lit night skies. People prepare themselves to spend more time and want nothing more but to be one with nature. Being prepared and choosing the right camping gear will help you be more well equipped for a memorable summer camping trip.


Preparing for your camping adventure:

First decide where you want to go camping and set a date and for how long, inviting friends and family along will give them a chance to enjoy what Australian outdoors has to offer and great for bonding. All though finding a camping site is easy you will need to consider your pets if you have any cause some campsites may not be pet friendly. There are hundreds of camping sites all over the states and territories of Australia. You will just need to choose which is best suited. Weather can change quite quickly during the summer months It is best to check the weather channel before and during the trip for climate updates. Besides the obvious camping gear like sleeping bag, tent and cooking utensils, you will need to have the right gear for the hot summer days in Australia. Here is a must have list of 10 most important gear for summer camping.

1.Heated Portable Shower

There are a several portable showers on the market now days from solar to gas heated and it just depends on your preference and budget. Most people go for a cheap option like the solar heated shower bag which do not last where others go for the more expensive option and last longer and is heated with gas. Having a portable sower not only takes care of your hygiene it also gives you relief from and can reduce stress which also helps you sleep better at night.

  1. Camping generator

Having a generator will come in handy not only for lighting and powering up small appliances but in times of a emergency, a generator is more reliable than you think and choosing a generator that is Eco-friendly, easy to operate with pure sine wave will be my option. They can be easily packed away and ready for your next camping trip. You can check out some good generators online.


  1. Portable solar panel

You can see these solar panels every where on a campsite, if you just needing to recharge small devices portable solar panels are the way to go, they are easy to carry. You could couple it with a deep cycle battery and a Pure sine wave inverter to power bigger items like portable fridges, led lighting days at a time. They are good for remote locations and can be easily stored away when not in use.

4.Portable Air compressor

It can be handy to carry a portable air compressor not only for getting out of a sticky situation like a flat tyre, but for those inflatables like air beds and inflatable toys that don’t have built-in pumps.

  1. Portable fire pit

During The Australian summer nights it can still get cold and what better way to warm up is with a portable fire pit, Not only can you keep warm but you can cook over them as well, there is a wide range of portable fire pits you just need to choose the best one for your needs.

  1. LED lights

LED lights are a good way to light up your campsite, not only are they bright they also use less energy to power them. You can place them anywhere and come in a wide variety to suit your needs.

  1. Portable water filter

It would be a good idea to have a quality portable water filter so that your source of water can be more extensive especially in remote areas where the nearest store is a long way. Most filters are able to carry up to six litres of drinking water. There is no need to be dehydrated and exhausted because you have nothing to drink.

  1. Portable fridge/freezer

This is a must have if you have perishable items like meats or fish, there are a large range of portable fridge/freezers that run off 12v 24v and 240v and different sizes to accommodate food that needs to be kept cold or frozen

  1. Shade sails

95% of UV rays can be shaded with a shade sail canopy and camping under the Australian summer weather shade sails are proven to be the best protection against heat, heavy rain and strong winds.

  1. First aid kit

In the summer there are great opportunities while camping in Australia, you could still encounter snakes and other reptiles and helping to keep a campsite clean will help you avoid snakes. Snake repellent with your first aid kit can be useful, keep your first aid kit up to date and stocked and always handy. There are a lot of good first aid kits you can buy, just make sure you a well-stocked kit.

About Camping

Camping is the most enjoyable activity and Australia has a lot to offer when it comes to the great outdoors, just being with nature is a great experience, you can hold those memories for years to come. So, whether you are starting out or needing to upgrade your camping gear, there are a lot of good stores online and off that can supply you with the right camping gear. Fortunately, you can shop for camping gear at affordable prices. Gear you can depend on.